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Volcanoes are very destructive mountains. They spew lava in large quantities. There are many famous volcanoes, such as Mount Vesuvius, which wiped out all of Pompeii.

Name Location Type
KÄ«lauea Hawaii Active
Mount Vesuvius Pomeii, Italy Active
Mount Fuji 100km southwest of Tokyo Dormant

Also, there are 3 types of volcanoes:

Type Description
Active Has erupted recently, and is likely to erupt again.
Dormant Hasn't erupted in a while, but may still erupt again.
Extinct Hasn't erupted in a very long time, and probobly won't erupt again.



Tornadoes, or twisters, are destructive gusts of air that can suck things inside.



Very similar to tornadoes, these things are not at all good in any way. They are super big(See image above) and are deadly. Fun Fact: The middle is called the eye!



Ever heard the phrase 'Thunder And Lightning'? Lightning is a deadly strike of energy caused by the collison of positive and negative charges. Fun Fact: 90% of people survive when struck by lightning but have internal damages. Also they don't come from the sky but from the ground!



Earthquakes happen when fault plates move a big distance and are very dangerous.You can use a Richter scale to measure the destrucion of the earthquake and a seismometer to measure the power.



Avalanches are when vast amounts of snow from a mountain drift down rapidly. They can be severe enough to trap one in it.

Tsunamis and Floods

tsunami wave

Tsunamis and floods are disasters that come from the sea.They come when there is too much water in the sea. See the image above of a tsunami. They are exteremely dangerous. Fun Fact: The word 'Tsunami' is Japanese for 'Harbour Wave'!

Forest Fires

Forest Fire

A forest fire is a fire in a green area (forest,ect.).They can be very severe and vast (such as the fires in Qebec, Canada.)



These are manmade explosives such as TNT and DYNAMITE.They can also be more dangerous such as NUKES WHICH GIVE OUT RADIATION

Pollution and Radiation

radiation impact

Pollution is un-eco friendly things that damage the enviroment.Examples are:

  • Coal
  • Greenhouse gases

Radiation is Toxic Waste and other nuclear liquids and compounds.

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